We are specialized in CNC solutions!

CNC Machines

This machine comes ready to cut parts with our fully integrated ring manufacturing program.

The CNC Machine is the result of more than 30 years of machine manufacturing experience combined with our programmers' 15 year focus on the jeweler industry. Our CNC lathe works from tubes up to diameter 32mm with a maximum length of 1000 mm. An automatic bar-feeding device is mounted on the unit. The machine is delivered with tooling for individual ring blank turning, outside and inside turning. Sensors are used to identify and confirm critical dimensions. Measurement of raw material minimizes employee waste and helps prevent machine crashes.

Advantages of the CNC machine:

  • Standard C-axis
  • Pictures in each ring program for easy identification
  • Easy manipulation of key ring dimensions
  • Manual or barcode scanning system value input
  • Requiers only one week of training
  • New programs can easily be installed by e-mail
  • Built-in safety limits for ring dimensions
  • Capacity for fully-automatic manufacturing, or program by program for short runs
  • Country specific sizing